Thea's Book Creation Café

       Just for Artists!
Begin Your Book Beautifully In 2023

In 4 Audio Sessions

With Joy, Journaling, Tea, Guided Meditations, and a tiny bit of Tarot

In this 4 Part Audio Masterclass You Can Do At Your Own Pace with Thea

You Will Learn

  • What's your book's hook? 
  • Discover the ONE thing you can do that will determine if  people read your book or use it for a coffee coaster.
  • What's the perfect genre for your book? Teaching memoir, transformational non-fiction, workbook, novel..?
  • Find out your sacred writing guides and muses that will help you complete your journey.
  • Uncover how your book will help your reader's lives open up.
  • Uncover how your book will help YOUR life blossom.
  • Oh and hey! Learn how the heck you are going to establish a writing habit to make this gorgeous dream a reality.

Your investment:

Only $147.

Special Message From Me

Take this class if you are ready to dive deep for four sessions and emerge with mermaid magic and direction.


Four mornings or evenings (you'll go at your own pace) in which you'll get the tools you need to begin to make that lifelong writing dream of yours come true.


I've invented this freeing outlining method over years of experimentation on myself in my kooky mad scientist writing laboratory.


This joy-first, magic-first method has supported and encouraged so many of my writing clients (most of whom are artists) to establish a rock-solid writing habit and to create beautiful, confidence-inducing books!


Come try it out. Do it in 4 days, 4 weeks, or 4 months. It's up to you.


But I'm here if you have questions.


And the first 10 folks who register get a one-on-one book coaching session with me.


My treat. :)


"What a gift this class was! All four sessions were like having a best friend (who happened to be a writing teacher) helping me with exactly what I was afraid of, what I was procrastinating on, and what I could go forward now and finally do.
And what a gift you have Thea. You're so real, you're so personable and yet you are also just so right about the craft of writing. Your tips and ideas are so relatable. The course was just absolutely perfect. Thanks Thea."

Angela MüllerAngela MüllerAmerican Prarie Artist & Writer

My Book Creation Cafe is Right for You IF...

  • You want an out-of-the-box, inspiring course with no reading required.
  • You think 4 mini-instructional podcasts, 4 mini-visualizations and 4 art journaling prompts would be a way more fun way to dream up your book than forcing yourself to create a grueling 100-point book outline 
  • You want to bring your book into being creatively! Yet you are seriously committed to putting in the time to dream, draw, doodle, listen and write for these 4 lessons.
  • You promise NOT to squash down the bright and beautiful ideas that are about to leap out of your brain like happy gazelles.
  • You will go at your pace, but you'll try it- whether you try to do it in 4 Saturday mornings, 4 weeks, or 4 months.

Easy Book Creation Cafe Signup

4 mini Podcasts and other goodies released and delivered to your inbox every Saturday over the course of four weeks from:

Saturday, January 14th through Saturday, February 4th,  2023.

No group zoom calls, so you don't even have to brush your hair.

No reading. Just mini-podcasts and meditations to listen to at your own pace.

INVESTMENT for EARLY BIRDS: Only $97 if you sign up now. 

(Investment will go up to $147 at 6 am Dec 29th.)

If it's a yes for you, email me right back that you are IN, and I’ll get you registered.  

Sending you lots of love now and always!

You can do this! And I'll help you.

Just hit reply to this email and lemme know you are in.

"A book is a dream you hold in your hands." 

                -- Neil Gaiman

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