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“The level of trust Thea engenders is off the charts.
I’d never done coaching and didn’t what to expect.  But I found out quickly that coaching with Thea is about feeling completely supported to reach your greatest potential as an artist and writer. She’s not in it for the money, she is really, genuinely interested in your well-being. Plus, Thea has this rare combination of qualities most people don’t possess including encyclopedic knowledge, humility, intuition, a very wide range of life experiences, and a big sense of humor. Thea has helped me get confident and clear on what my highest aspirations are for my art and writing life and she’s helped me get on the very path that is taking me right to that place. ”
You won’t regret working with her.”

Kristen DunkelbergerKristen DunkelbergerArtist and Athlete

"I've been going through my chapters and poems and art for my book and realized I'm well on my way to being done! You have been an absolutely wonderful, supportive coach and I have achieved all this largely due to the skills you passed on to me, your insights, your support, your knowledge, and your enthusiasm. Thanks Thea.”

Donna Wocher, PhDDonna Wocher, PhD Artist and Coach

"Thea is such an amazing coach, mentor, and teacher. She gets me at so many professional levels. She's helped me as an artist, as a writer, and as a teacher. 
She’s intuitive, thoughtful, and inspiring yet she provides great nuts and bolts info all along the way. She's like finding a jewel in a haystack. If you’re looking for someone to help you write something you've dreamt of writing—search no more.”

Lauren ManteconLauren ManteconArtist and Workshop Leader

"Thea, what a marvelous coach you are. You are a genie with a lamp, I was foundering around in the dark and I am now walking in the light of internal inspiration once again. I always associate you with light. You remind me of the fireflies and sparklers of my childhood. Thank you for always carrying the light and the hope and the joy and the wonder for artists like me- the kind of artist who still believes in magic.”

Susan PoitevenSusan Poiteven Artist & Illustrator

"Thea’s coaching style is the same as her writing style; open, supportive and honest. With Thea’s help, I quickly found the authentic “why” for The Rural Painter newsletter and I launched it! 
I now actually look forward to sitting down to work on my newsletter. ”

Anu Bhat, Founder of The Rural Painter.ComAnu Bhat, Founder of The Rural Painter.ComGallerist

"Thea was the first person to truly give me confidence in my script and in my ability to write. Her detailed feedback included so much positive encouragement regarding the parts she DID like, rather than just a list of things to fix- as is often given by other editors. That focus on the positive helped me know what works about my overall writing style, as well as what to keep in when I go to cut. But beyond all that, it helps me remember that I’m doing something right! Which is invaluable during times of discouragement. Thea has supported me to improve my script in more ways than I can count. I can now send it confidently out into the world. ”

Brianna ChansonBrianna ChansonScreenwriter, Photographer

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